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Publié le 25 Novembre 2009 par Blanche in Asie du Sud

Ca faisait très longtemps que je n'avais pas écrit sur Sri Lanka, et voilà ce que ça donne quand je m'y remets!

Retrouver sur Le Courant.info l'article: Fonseka v/s Rajapakse un match électoral serré sur fond de fermeture de camps
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I think Ms.Blanche has lot of ideas and knowledge about Sri Lanka, but to tell the truth there is no fight between Mr.Fonseka and Mr.Mahinda as it is just a court case of what the guilty he has<br /> done through the war. There are some information that many foreigners don't know about the civil ideas and inside of Sri Lanka instead of news from BBC and some international medias. They just see<br /> the outcast and forecast it through their media, but the reality is not that. I guess these media and people who write about Sri Lanka must know visit Sri Lanka and speak to the civil to get<br /> information as Ms.Blanche does.<br /> I appreciate her interest about Sri Lanka but she is still a young girl that has to explore more.